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When living alone as a 16-year-old in Canada's capital, Joël Kazadi, our founder, relentlessly postponed doing laundry. This resulted with him often finding himself with almost no clean clothes ready for the week. The lazy teenager could only wish someone would do his laundry for him. One day in grade 11 a guest speaker came to his school to present an initiative from the Ontario government, which funds grade school student-run businesses with up to $3,000. Along with his close friend Edward Southward, he immediately started brainstorming company ideas in order to pitch something to the organization. One day after school, Edward went to Joël's house only to see laundry clustered all over his room; he mocked his laziness and said "If you won't do it, I'm sure you can bring it to a laundry place and they'll do it for you."
The next day, Joël returned to Edward and suggested they work on a laundry business for the government funding initiative.

Edward and Joël parted ways as they were heading to two different coasts upon graduation; Joël to the Canadian West Coast, to attend the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, while Edward returned to his hometown of Montréal, QC, to attend the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. This left Project Vizo on hold for a while until Joël decided to revive it during his second semester of freshman year.

Fun fact:
The name Vizo was selected after Google translating the words "on-demand", "services", "food", "laundry" and "delivery" in every single language available. "Servizo" was the winner, which means service in Galician. With our company being a service, we chose "vizo".

Founder Bios

Joël Kazadi - Founder

Joël Kazadi is the founder of Vizo, which he first co-founded in 2015 and revived the summer of 2018. Joël is responsible for developing the technology behind Vizo and setting the overall direction for the company. Joël attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to fully pursue the venture.

Edward Southward - Co-Founder

Edward Southward is a co-founder of Vizo and was a key person in developing the operational of the service itself, as well as the company overall. He left the company when Joël moved to the west coast of Canada to pursue his education. If it wasn't for Edward, Vizo would have simply been a laundromat with smart washing machines. He now studies at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management.

Hari Manokaran - Founding Business Partner

Hari is a founding business partner of Vizo and was key in developing our pricing. His technique allowed for a price that righteously compensated the providers, all the while keeping it affordable for the average consumer. He left the company due to administrative delays, after having moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to join Joël and work full time on the company.


Jens Weitzel

Jens Weitzel is Managing Partner at Yabusame Partners, an international startup consulting firm with offices in Silicon Valley, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Jens is an angel investor as well as a mentor at several Bay Area accelerators including StartX (Stanford University) and Plug and Play. His expertise and experience in launching and scaling startups will provide critical insights and guide Vizo's go-to-market activities.